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  • Simon Lynes

Montana Morel Hunting

Spring time in the mountains is exciting for a number of reasons: the melting of the snow, upcoming hikes, planning overnight trips, floating down rivers, and morel mushroom season. Most foragers won't share their special spots with just anyone, but if you know where to look you may get lucky and find a few of these tasty fungi.


One of the most common places to find morel mushrooms in this particular region of the Rocky Mountains are in the company of cottonwood trees. Morels don't always have a rhyme or reason to their placement on the ground, but, if anything was consistent about these fungi, it would be their relationship to cottonwoods. Look for large swaths of cottonwoods and slow down your steps and stare at the ground a while. You may come across these brainy looking mushrooms.


While not always the rule, rivers seem to also be in relationship with morels in this part of the country. Look along river banks, tributaries, and overflow paths for these mushrooms. It's easy to enjoy an afternoon spent wandering the riverside.

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