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  • Simon Lynes

Catching a Show in Livingston

Livingston, Montana was such a surprise when we came over the hills on I-90 leaving Bozeman. The mountains opened up in front of us with their snow-capped peaks and you instantly knew how special this place was. We were on our way to see the band Horsefeathers at the Attic on Main Street in this quintessential Western town.

A Night Out in Livingston

We got to the Attic with extra time to spare before the show started so we went for a quick stroll about Livingston's downtown. This downtown with all of its Western flair was full of cute coffee shops, art galleries, Italian eateries serving up late night desserts and espresso, and live music was pouring out of every opened door. We stopped in at Elemental Kitchen for burgers and a chocolate tart to share before the show and happened to come inside during the middle of Tyler Potter's set. We listened to some of his covers of classic Bruce Springsteen songs, as well as some of his own originals.

It was soon time to make our way back to the Attic, and we made it to our table just as the opener, Maita, was starting off their set. Think of a mix of Phoebe Bridgers and Big Thief. A small crowd out on a Wednesday night, but everyone was rapt in the crowd. We both listened with attention and found our eyes filling with tears during their song "Blue Has Gone Grey," which was about the smoky summer season caused by the fires ripping across the West that cut all of our summers short last year. We looked at each other over our bar table and saw that both of us felt that song somewhere deep inside.

Too soon Maita's set ended and Horsefeathers came out with their violins, upright bass, guitar, and banjo to the stage. An old favorite, Horsefeathers' songs are the kind of music one would consider folk, stomp, and indie. The violins were perfect and the upright bass player jammed the whole night. We spun and danced on the dance floor with this small crowd and loudly cheered at the end of each song. Everything was beautiful and perfect that night. There's no home like the mountain West.

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